CAREFREE® Panty Liners

Discover the secret to all day, everyday feminine freshness with CAREFREE® panty liners.


Because every woman is unique, CAREFREE® panty liners come in a variety of styles and shapes to meet every feminine freshness need.


So you can pick the one that’s right for you.


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*Not all products are available in all countries


Have you ever felt that all the panty liners you’ve tried make you uncomfortable? Don’t stress!   Try our NEW Carefree® FlexiComfort panty liner that provide a super comfortable sensation... Learn more>

Carefree original - Flat, non-scented

Carefree Original Panty Liners

Feel clean and fresh everyday with CAREFREE® Original panty liners. They are so comfortable you will barely feel they are there. Made of unique material that is thin and flexible, they become... Learn more>

Carefree with cotton extract - Flat, non-scented

Carefree Panty Liners with Cotton Extract

Feel clean and fresh everyday with CAREFREE® With Cotton Extract panty liners. These breathable cotton panty liners feel like cotton underwear, so that you can forget about the panty liner... Learn more>

Carefree panty liners aloe

Carefree Panty Liners With Aloe Vera

Feel clean and fresh everyday with CAREFREE® Aloe panty liners, which contain natural Aloe Vera.   They let your delicate skin breathe. Lightly scented and dermatologically... Learn more>

Carefree flexiform panty liners

Carefree Flexiform Panty Liners

Feel clean and fresh everyday with CAREFREE® FLEXIFORM® panty liners.   These flexible panty liners are designed to comfortably adapt to any kind of underwear, regular, string and tanga.... Learn more>

Carefree plus large panty liners - Flat, scented

CAREFREE® Plus Large Pantyliner

Feel clean and fresh everyday with CAREFREE® Plus Large panty liners. They help you feel clean and fresh for longer. Now available as scented, non-scented & aloe... Learn more>